Fake Number for MeetMe Verification Code

MeetMe is a popular dating and meeting application on iOS and Android. It is also a good website that will make you meet thousands of singles. Many of us don’t want to use our actual phone numbers for those services and we prefer fake numbers or virtual phone numbers. If you want to use a fake phone number for MeetMe verification code, we will provide those services for you below in the list. However if you ever start to a serious relationship on the website, you are going to have serious problems with fake number. We will also mention about those problems on here. So use these services on your own risk. You will see all risks in this page below. Let’s begin with what kind of services you can use for verification code.

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Fake Number for MeetMe Verification Code

Receive SMS Online: Receive SMS online is a new service which has been appeared on internet. The website is providing clean and good service for those who wants to have virtual phone numbers. These numbers are shared and many others can see all messages which has been sent to these numbers. To access this service, you will need to enter your email address to the main page. They will create an account for you. They also provide new phone numbers at some days. You can follow when will  be new phone numbers active at the main page of the website.

Receive SMS Online for Free: This is also another trusted service for receiving SMS online for free on internet. However this is totally public unlike the service we provided above. You can use phone numbers from United Kingdom, Romania, France, Spain, Israel, Mexico, United States, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, etc. You can see more at the website. If you are living at one of those countries, that will be an additional advantage for you.

ReceiveSMS.co: There are many numbers available on this service. You can use those services as you wish on internet. You can create accounts and get verification codes. So you can also get fake number for MeetMe verification code too.

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Why Virtual Phone Numbers are Risky to Verify an Account on MeetMe?

This is the key question. Using a fake number for MeetMe verification code is easy. You can do it… However when you start to use the account seriously, this will create some problems for you. Let’s see, what can happen…

  • A fake phone number (Virtual) can be out of service anytime. MeetMe asks from users to verify their accounts periodically. If it happens, you won’t able to recover your account.
  • A virtual phone number can be used by everyone. They are shared and public. So your account can taken by someone else anytime.
  • MeetMe staff can detect that you are using a fake phone number and your account can be blocked.

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