How to Accept Chat Requests on MeetMe

MeetMe is one of the good options on internet for making new friends. We are going to tell you how to accept chat requests on MeetMe on this page due to a question of our visitor. Our visitor has told us that he/she cannot send message or picture on MeetMe because of other people gotta accept his/her chat requests. See the below for exact question…

Question Anyone I chat with it says I can’t chat or send a pic cause they gotta accept my chat request. How do they do that?
Operating System Android
Application/Website Name MeetMe
Device Brand Android
Tags accept chat requests on MeetMe

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How to Accept Chat Requests on MeetMe

To accept a chat requests, your friend should do these steps:

1- Login to your account and click on cog icon to enter settings.

     Chat Now   

2- A menu will appear after you click on the icon. Click on Settings on the menu.

3- Now you will need to click on chat on the settings page. Please see the picture below.

4- At the next page, click on the “Who can send me chats”.

5- Click on everyone section in the popup menu. Also ensure that Friends Only hasn’t been marked on the menu.

6- Click on “Ok“.

That is all you need to do for resolve to receive and send message problem on Meetme.

Alternative Ways to Fix the Problem

MeetMe has already told that there are alternative ways to fix this problem. Your friends should login to the website and see the request page. They will see your request on that page and they will need to accept that from there.

However while we are checking pages of MeetMe, we haven’t seen any requests page on the website. This page might appear when they get a chat request or requests can appear at the chat page of the application. So we couldn’t provide any good guideline for this.

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