If you are suspicious about a fake account on MeetMe app (for Android and iPhone) or website, that will be easy to spot that scam account for you. We are going to tell you ways about how to do it. There are three good ways to understand if an account is fake or not. The most important one is Google Image Search. That will give you the most reliable results and you will easily figure out actual owner of pictures with these search. Other tools, you may use are social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, may be also Skype. You can also get detailed information with clicking here for spotting fake accounts on dating sites.

Use Google Image Search for Spotting a Fake Account on MeetMe

You need to open your MeetMe account on a PC and you need to Google Chrome installed in your computer for this step. Right click on your partners picture and click on “Search Google for Image” option. Google will search the picture immediately and will find the actual owner of the picture.

Go to Random Chat

You can click here to get more information for spotting fake profile pictures via Google Image Search.

Social Media for Spotting Fake Accounts

You can also use social media for spotting fake accounts. Ask your partner for Twitter and Facebook if you go further in your relationship in MeetMe. If you are good with her but if she doesn’t allow you to know about her/him social networking account, you can get suspicious about that. If she/he gives the account id, please check the account carefully (when it’s opened especially) and pictures (If he/she is using same pictures on social networking account and nothing else, you need to be suspicious about your partnet) in the account. Try use similar search tips which we have given you above on pictures of Social Media account.

Skype for Spotting Fake Accounts

Skype is one of the best ways to spot a fake account on MeetMe. Ask your partner about her/his Skype ID and add her/him. Put pressure for a video chat.

Demanding Money

You had a good conversation with someone for days and you liked her.  However she started to tell you “She loves you and she wants to visit you but she doesn’t have any cash for that. She asked you for help”.  Many people has been scammed with the same story. Please don’t believe it and report to user.

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