How to Recover Messages on WhatsApp for Android and iOS

If you would like to recover your saved (backup) messages on WhatsApp at your Android or iOS device, you can do it easily. We are going to tell you how to do that on here. If you would like to recover messages, you will need to backup them. You can get information on How to Chat Online about how to backup your conversations on your device. If you are having trouble with that, you can ask questions with commenting this page. Especially you will need to recover your conversations after you reinstall to WhatsApp to your device.

Recover Your WhatsApp Conversations on iPhone and Android

How will you recover your WhatsApp conversations on iPhone and Android? It is very easy. You can do the following steps to recover it.

  • While you are reinstalling the WhatsApp, you will see a question that if you want to recover your messages on the application.
  • If you would like to recover your messages, tap on restore and your chat history will be recovered.
  • That’s all. You don’t need to do anything particular for recover your messages to WhatsApp.

How to Recover Messages on WhatsApp for Android and iOS


There are times that you won’t able to recover messages. If you have changed your phone number, you won’t able to recover messages at all in your device. All saved and backup messages are related with phone number. If you changed it, you won’t able to restore your messages back.

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