How to Delete a WeChat Account Permanently

There are various ways to delete a WeChat account permanently, you will get information how to delete your account on this page and you will able to remove your ID and account from database of the application. Unfortunately, you can’t delete your ID nor account on the application or the official website of the application. There are a few ways to remove your WeChat account.

Contact WeChat Staff Through Application for Delete an Account Permanently

You will able to contact WeChat staff through application now. You can request account removal on the application. However they may require you to remove your account with request from website of WeChat. All the same if you would like to contact the staff through app you can get more information on here: WeChat Live Chat Support

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Contact WeChat Through Website

If you would like to remove your account permanently from the application, this is the most handy way. You can go to WeChat’s website and request account removal. WeChat used to give a support for their users from the official website. You can learn how to contact to WeChat on here: WeChat Contact

Contact WeChat Through E-Mail for Account Removal Request

You can send your WeChat ID and and other account details to remove your account through e-mail. WeChat contact e-mail is:

You won’t able to take your account back after your account has been deleted by the WeChat staff. You can’t get it back, so we recommend you to think twice before you delete your account from the application. If you are planning to have another account, you will need to clear caches and data from the app. You can read our guidelines if you don’t know how to do it. You will find a lot of useful information for beginners on Apps Mobile Chat.

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