If you would like to contact to MeetMe App Support, you will need to do it with a few ways. You can do it via iPhone and Android too. The best way to contact to the support of application is sending a review for application. When you send a review for app, developers will ask you to contact them and you are going to get a response from them as soon as possible. You can try contact to MeetMe via AppStore or Google Play easily. All you have to do go to your device store page and make a search as “MeetMe” and sending a review for application. We recommend you to do that via your phone.

Contact Meet Me Support via E-Mail

It’s another way to contact MeetMe App. You can send a mail to MeetMe about your problem and you will get response from developers. However you need to tell your problem with a clear language and you need to tell your device specs in mail. When did you have the error? What problem occurred in your device? It was after an update? What’s your device model? All these details are important. We recommend you to tell them your username and mail which you have used on MeetMe too. If you tell all the information we have told you above, you will get answer from staff as soon as possible.

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MeetMe Mail Support: [email protected]

If you would like to contact to MeetMe not for an error but something else. You can click here to get contact information of the application developers. You can contact MeetMe for press, investing, law enforcement and advertising.

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  1. The login page keeps saying I’ve entered the wrong password when I know I have entered the right one. When I try to reset it, no confirmation code is being sent. What is going on?

    • Hello Asia,
      Welcome to How to Chat Online. We recommend you to get in touch with MeetMe Support for this account issue. Possibly your account has hacked or you are having another managerial issue with your account.

  2. I’m samrat, last few days ago I was chatting with one lady. We like each other and our mutual understanding was nice but (29 may 2018) unfortunately I cannot open her id and showing her profile. The id is not working at the moment. She didn’t block me or ignore me. I am not also block or report her. We were chatting and exchanging our pictures. I’m also really and truly like her, she also likes me. I’m pretty sure there is something wrong on MeetMe, can you help me please to solve the problem? Her ID name is “+++” and my id name “+++”. Both are in Malaysia. But I’m opening new id again because I am having problem with the new ID. Can I’m find her profile again? Please help me this is my humble request to you. Please solve it as soon as possible. I m appreciate MeetMe work because it really and truly working more nicely and smoothly. But sometimes profiles are disappearing without any notification. Hope hear from you soon and you solve it soon. My new id of meetme is sam samrat sam, I’m try to contact with MeetMe customer desk but no reply or no attend the phone calls. It’s the worst. I’m going to give poor quality of apps and services in playstore review. Thanks a lot.

    Her user id name is “+++”. My new ID is “+++” because I deleted my first profile. It was slow and not working properly. Thanks, waiting for your response.

    Edited by staff: removed personal data.

  3. I cannot log into my account I believe my account has been hacked, MeetMe keep telling me invalid phone number my # is yyy-yyy-yyyy has been for years.
    Terry yyyy
    [email protected] com

    Editor Note: Some important personal data has been removed.

    • Hello Terry,
      You will need to contact MeetMe for this. You can send a mail them with the steps which we have told in the article above.

  4. I can’t chat anymore I cannot even open the app it’s been sitting verification verification and when I put my phone number it’s not doing nothing and I just don’t know what to do.

    I’ve been trying so hard since yesterday it’s not working I just don’t know what else to do so please I need help.

  5. This is bs I have got kicked out of my account 4 times had make a new one got kicked out 4 times on that one. I think it is bs that you guys don’t have one person that people can talk. It is always email. You can never get a response with mail. The only social media website I know that does this and you dont answer in a time. I have been waiting 5 hours to get a response.

  6. please put my email back to where it is working you say it is not a good email an yes it is so please help me get back on your site

  7. please log me back into your site you keep blocking my email an i have no clue why you are doing this i want to be put back on your meet me site so i can continue to be able to talk to men on this site
    when i try you wont take my email an i have no clue why

  8. I was logged out due to superiors activity and it took me 10 password changes to get in. Next day done it again. This is the third day I got logged out and now it won’t send nothing to my email. I made new account and still get nothing. Worse ever

  9. I am continuing getting kicked out my account for no apparent reason why. I have to keep verifying my old password to create a new one. I know my passwords but it keeps telling me that is not it. I really want to know what is going on because this is the 2nd time and my 2nd account. I am really at the point to taking this matter into court hands.
    I even contact all the emails and also call them.

    • Hello Kei,
      Yeah unfortunately people are facing with the similar problems. There are even profiles which are disappearing from MeetMe without any reason. Contacting to application/website support is really pain. We are trying to provide solutions to people here as much as we can but unfortunately unofficial supports can’t help much about account issues. Thank you for your comment, we will refer it in our some pages.


  10. Closed my account a couple of weeks ago. Been trying to reopen it. Can’t reopen it! “Suspicious activity “, “invalid phone number, “, plus no response from meet me! Service is terrible !

  11. I was told I am on here don’t remember making a profile at all if it is i need it deleted immediately unless this was years ago?but i wouldn’t know info i used years ago to access!

  12. How do I even verify my phone number? Cuz I always get the same message Invalid phone number please contact us if you have any problems. Plus they didn’t even give me help or support.

  13. I am also same problem last 3 days. I try to login in but I can’t get login in my account. I mail 10 time then they sent me code but that code also not match my email . I call and message so many time but no body reply me back. I want just change my pass word but I don’t know how . the code is wrong and they not reply .

  14. Don’t even bother sending them an email for support. I have tried multiple times and no response. Give them a bad review and I’m sure they will try and help you with your account info.

  15. I’m unable to login seems like I have the wrong email and I also have possibly wrong password how can I reset both thank you for your help

  16. have to keep logging out to see chat our notifcations cant get in to people that have been blocked . and cant comment on things if they are not posted in the feed


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