You don’t know how to clear data of WeChat with your mobile? You are going to get detailed information on that on this page. It’s very easy to do. So it won’t take your seconds. We are going to tell you how to do it for Android. You can also clean data of WeChat on iPhone and Windows Phone with similar strategies. You will need to do this, when you have problem with the app. It’s recommended to do that when you uninstall updates or application at all. (If you are planning to reinstall it.)

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How to Clear Data of WeChat

Firstly you will need to close WeChat application on the phone. If it’s still working, it will be pointless to delete data. After you close the app at all, you will need to go through settings of your phone. You will need to click on “General” from menu and then select application manager. After you select the application manager, you will see a huge list of your applications. Select “WeChat” and you are in! It’s the page which we need! Click on clear data and all your past data will be removed from the app. Don’t forget the restart your phone after you did it.

Step by Step

Let’s tell you how to do it step by step.

  • If WeChat is running in your mobile, please close it at all.
  • Go to settings of your phone.
  • Select general from the selection.
  • Select “Application Manager” from the menu.
  • Select “WeChat” from the application list.
  • Click on “Clear Data”
  • Restart your mobile again.

We recommend you to do these steps, whenever you reinstall or uninstall this application. Otherwise you can get some installation errors or -24 error. This steps will help you to prevent getting installation errors. So while you remove the application from your device, don’t forget to do it!

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  1. my wechat stuck game history inside and I already unfollow that game news now I want to clear history for previous history. How to clear it ?

    • Hello Kylie,
      I know it took too much time to respond your question. However I am going to recommend this who has similar problems with the application. If you ever face with this problem, reinstalling WeChat is the fastest solution.


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