Google Hangouts Popup Notification

We have mentioned about several notification issues of Hangouts before on How to Chat Online. We are going to mention about Hangout Popup Notification on this page again once more for different issues. If you have any question regarding this, please feel free to ask us. If you are using Hangouts actively, you will need these notifications to receive video and voice calls immediately. However if you don’t enable this service, you can miss all these calls and even text messages.

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What Does Hangouts Popup Notification Do?

It has several benefits for receiving calls and text messages. When someone calls you or texting you, a notification will appear on your computer and you will know what is going on with your Hangouts account. If you don’t want to receive those notifications and if you don’t want to use hangouts actively, you can disable it anytime.

If you are still having problem despite of enable hangouts, you can take a look at this error guide of How to Chat Online: Hangouts Desktop Notifications are not Working

Does Google Hangouts Popup Notification Harm Your Device/Computer/Mac?

Since we received a question from one of our users, we also wanted to answer this on here since it is related with our subject. It doesn’t matter what device you are using, Google products will never harm your devices. You can use them safely. Google is one of the most trustworthy companies of the world. Don’t worry about your privacy and security! You are safe!

Google Hangouts Popup Notification

Can You Disable It?

Yes, you can disable Hangouts, notifications. All you need to do is clicking on green “Secure” text on the address bar and click on Site settings. Then disable anything which you don’t want use or receive. This will take your seconds. However ensure that you enabled those options if you want to do anything important which are related to those services which you disabled. Otherwise you will get errors, warnings, etc.

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