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Google Chat is also known as Hangouts at the moment. You can use this feature as an application on your phone, on Google Plus, on Gmail services. Google Chat is free and you will have an account with this service if you ever register for one of Google services on internet. If you would like desktop notifications to work on Google Chat, you can use our tips at below.

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How to Activate Google Chat Desktop Notifications

If it is your first time and if you haven’t disabled any settings about notifications, you can do the following to enable Google Chat desktop notifications below:

  • Go to main website of Hangouts.
  • A popup will appear on the browser for notifications.
  • Select Allow for it.
  • If popup doesn’t appear, please do the following steps below.

Tips at above are just for those who are beginners of this messenger service of Google Chat. The popup is generally appearing at the first time visit of Hangouts. It also appears at Google Mail too, since it is related services with mail. You can also activate those notifications on Google Mail too.

How to Allow Google Chat Desktop Notifications

If you blocked Google chat desktop notifications, you can do the steps below. If you have any questions regarding these steps please ask us via commenting:

  • Go to the website of Hangouts.
  • Click on green “Secure” text on the address bar. (The sign of secure connection)
  • Click on “Site Settings”.
  • Search for notification on the settings.
  • Click on selection menu of notification section.
  • Select “Allow”.
  • Reload the page of Hangouts.

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Google Chat Desktop Notifications

Now, whenever you receive something important through hangouts, you are going to receive notification. That will make things easier for you to notifying calls, receiving calls, messages, etc.

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