Are Google Chat and Hangouts Same?

There are many websites on internet which mentions about Google Chat and Google Hangouts and pretending like they are different services. We are going to tell you if those both service are same or not on this page. If you have any trouble with these services, you can contact our staff via commenting here. We will respond your questions as soon as possible.

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Are Google Chat and Hangouts Same?

Google Chat and Hangouts are same services. However websites and people are thinking that these are separate services at times. There is generally a thought that Google Chat is a service where you can chat with people on Gmail. They also think that Google Hangouts is a service where they talk to people via application on Play Store or App Store. However they both are same. When you start to talk to people on Gmail, you will see the same conversations on Hangouts app. There are various services that you can use Hangouts on internet. Let’s mention about those services that you can use this service.

Apps, Extensions, Websites That You Can Use Google Hangouts

You can find a list of apps, extensions and Websites that you can use Hangouts on internet…


You can use Google Hangouts on Android devices with application. You can download the application from Play Store: Download from Play Store


You can also use this service on iPad and iPhone devices. You can download the application App Store: Download from App Store

Extensions and Add-ons

Hangouts Chrome Extension: Official Hangouts extension which has been designed by Google. You can use it safely.

Please note that add-ons below are generally coded by other users.

Hangouts Firefox add-on: It is an add-on which has been designed and coded by Baris Derin. It is free to use.

Hangouts Opera Browser add-on: You can use this add-on Opera browsers. It has downloaded 62.000 times and it got 4 star overall rating from users. It is a lightweight add-on. Will be useful for those who wants to use this service on browser.

Are Google Chat and Hangouts Same


You can Hangouts in two different platforms on web:

Hangouts Official Website: This is one of the best platforms where you can use Hangouts effectively. You can use all features free. This is already designed by Google. One of the safest platforms to use Google Chat.

Hangouts on Gmail: You can also login to Gmail to use Hangouts. You will see the Hangouts bar at the left sidebar of the website.

As you can see all these are services are same and they are working for Hangouts. We have told you about if Google chat and Hangouts services are same on this page. We hope that we explained it clearly. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions in your mind.

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