Girl Numbers for WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

If you would like to talk to girls on WhatsApp with your iPhone and Android, there are several ways that you can do it on the application. We are going to show you ways about how to find girl numbers. If you would like get some girl numbers, the best way to do it is Facebook. We have told you how to find girl profiles on Facebook before. You can use our guideline freely. If you manage to add someone on Facebook, everything will get easier for you. You should do the following stuffs to get girl numbers for WhatsApp.

  • Add a girl which you like in Facebook and go to her profile. Check his about and contact pages. Some people allow others to see their phones. You can add her with this way.
  • Go to Chatous and begin to talk with girls there. If you pick your gender on the website and write your age, it’s highly likely that you will meet girls. If you like them ask their Facebook or WhatsApp numbers.
  • Go to Omegle and do the similar thing with Chatous. You can get more information on here.
  • Alternatively you will need to add girl numbers to your phone. We have given you some good examples for that at our last news. Let’s tell you again.

An Example for Girl Numbers on WhatsApp for iPhone and Anroid Phones

Example (You can use same tips for other countries): You will go to holiday to Argentina and you want to meet girls from this country on WhatsApp. Firstly you will need to find out the country code. You can Google it. It is +54. And you will need some local code of the cities. For example if you want to meet a girl from Buenos Aires, you will need to add “11” area code for that and Argentina required “15” for every calls. So the number should be:

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+541115 xxx-xxxx

You will need to try all these “x”s which we have given you above with a random number. If you are lucky enough you will able to meet someone. We recommend you to meet girls through with Facebook or Chatous though.

If you have any questions, you can ask on here with commenting this page.

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