Does WhatsApp Work in China?

WhatsApp doesn’t work in China anymore since Chinese government has banned the application recently. However if you are going to use roaming on China, the application is going to work. There can be some problems with roaming though. If you visit Hong Kong, it is already going to work there.

You can’t use the application in China at the moment but only Hong Kong. All you need to have is internet in your phone to use it on Hong Kong. Otherwise (if you will not be in HK) you will need to make sure that you have roaming in this country. It is highly likely that your service provider will give you that service while you are at China.

If you will visit Hong Kong, you will need to ensure that your hotel has an internet connection service. Because it depends on the room type you rent though. Make sure you have rented a room with wireless option. You can find more information about that in the website you have purchased your room. (Such as If there is no wireless internet connection option in your hotel, we recommend you to change room or hotel since many people has contact their country with internet while they are abroad. Otherwise your bill will be too high.

How to Use WhatsApp with iPhone or Android in China

You will need to have a roaming in your phone for this. Otherwise we recommend you to use Line or WeChat. Line is also working on China at the moment and it can be a good alternative of WhatsApp. WeChat creating friend verification problems for those who are living outside of China nowadays.

Does it Work on Guangzhou?

Application doesn’t work with local internet connection of Guangzhou at the moment. You will need to have roaming to use WhatsApp on your phone. Use Line and ask your friends to download Line alternatively.


Shanghai is the second largest city of China and you will not able to use the application on here.


WhatsApp is not working on third largest city (Chongqing) of China.


You can’t use WhatsApp in Beijing.


Hangzhou is a large and beautiful city of the country. Whatsapp is not available  to use on there.


You can’t use Whatsapp on Wuhan.


Application is not working on Chengdu.

WhatsApp is Working in Hong Kong

WhatsApp is available for Hong Kong at the moment. Feel free to use it on HK.

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