Does WhatsApp Work in China?

WhatsApp is a messenger which is working almost every country of the world and one of these countries is China. However there are still some questions from people who will visit to China. You can use the application in China and any other countries. All you need to have is internet in your phone. So you will need to make sure that you will have a service provider in this country. It is highly likely that your hotel will provide you internet in China. Depends on the room type you rent though. Make sure you have rented a room with wireless option. You can find more information about that in the website you have purchased your room. (Such as If there is no wireless internet connection option in your hotel, we recommend you to change room or hotel since many people has contact their country with internet while they are abroad. Otherwise your bill will be too high.

How to Use WhatsApp with iPhone or Android in China

You don’t need to do anything particular for using this service at abroad. Like we have told you above, you will need a wireless connection. It is highly likely that your GSM card won’t work at abroad. If it is even working, it will cost you too high since you are at abroad. we recommend you to block all your GSM internet connection on your phone and use a wireless connection.

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Does it Work on Guangzhou?

Yes, you can use the application without any problem on Guangzhou with a wireless connection.


Shanghai is the second largest city of China and you will able to use the application freely on here.


WhatsApp is working on third largest city (Chongqing) of China.


You can use WhatsApp in Beijing freely.


Hangzhou is a large and beautiful city of the country. Whatsapp is available  to use on there.


You can use Whatsapp on Wuhan.


Application is working on Chengdu.

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