Does WhatsApp Video Call Work in Dubai?

Unfortunately WhatsApp Messenger application video call service doesn’t work for Android and iOS products in Dubai. You won’t able to do that with UAE internet service providers in this city since many of social media products has been banned. There are a few ways to unblock these applications in this country. That will be help you to use WhatsApp and any other messengers. However it won’t be fast as you wish and maybe you won’t able to call at all.

UAE has some strict rules about some applications and social networking websites. They have banned most of websites and blocked to access for a while ago. Unfortunately WhatsApp Messenger Video Call is one of them.

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What to Do if WhatsApp Video Call Doesn’t Work in Dubai?

However WhatsApp text messenger is still working on the country. You can talk to people with texts if you want. Otherwise you will need to use a proxy service for your phone.

You can download a proxy service to your phone from AppStore or Google Play and follow to instructions which has given main page of the application while installing it. Then connect to WhatsApp again and make a call to your friends.

We gave you detailed information about how to unblock WhatsApp at our tutorial pages

Does WhatsApp Call Work in Abu Dhabi?

If you will visit Abu Dhabi in Emirates, unfortunately video call won’t work in this city too. Please see our guideline which we provided above for unblock Whatsapp Call for Dubai. It will also help you for Abu Dhabi too. This will help you fix some problems.

The Situation in Sharjah and Al Ain

WhatsApp video call doesn’t work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi… What about Sharjah and Al Ain? The situation is same for both cities. You will not able to use the video call in both cities at the moment. If you have any questions related with WhatsApp video call in Dubai or any other Emirates cities, please let us know.

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    Whatsapp video calling is mainly for social and casual interactions. For business video calling and conferences, one can use apps like R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It allows 30 people to connect via a video conference.


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