No Headset Button on Discord App

As Discord has made a new update for the Android application, new problems started to occur for some users. Some users have complained that they can’t see the headset button on the discord application. So they can’t deaf and undeafen their headset on voice chats. The headset button is one of the most important tools of the app for those who love to voice chat with people. If you are having a problem with the button, you will find solutions below to fix it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us. One of our staff will assist you!

Why Headset Button Doesn’t Appear on the Discord App?

If it doesn’t appear on your application, it is highly likely that happening because of the new update of the application. This problem occurred because of the new update on the play store for Android devices recently. The app got many complaints about it. If you would like to fix this problem on your device there are three ways:

  • Reinstalling the application
  • Installing the older version of the application.
  • Contacting the support of Discord (not an immediate solution)

No Headset Button on Discord App

Reinstalling the Discord Application

Reinstalling the application should be the first way for problem fixes on the applications as long as you are not going to lose any data. Since Discord is based on accounts, you don’t have to have any concerns about it. If you don’t know how to reinstall the application please see: How to Reinstall Discord.

Installing Older Version of the Discord Application

Installing an older version of the application is not a recommended way but it is still an option. You will need to install applications from third-party websites in this option. Therefore it is not a very trustworthy option. If you install applications from unofficial sources, your phone can be hacked or you can face several problems because of malware that can affect your phone. Some websites are providing some clean apps but you should remember that there is always a risk about it.

Contact Discord Support

Contacting discord support is the last option here and it is highly likely that you will find a solution when the new version is released after that. Application developers are generally gathering bug reports after they release a new update and they do the bug fixes at the incoming version of the app. This process can be quite long though!

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