Can’t See Microphone Button in Discord

Discord has been one of the most used apps in the chat world. Almost most companies, communities, and organizations are creating discord servers for communicating with their clients and members. Discord is also a popular application for chatting with people nowadays. The recent update in the application caused many protests by the users. Especially there are some problems with the Android application. One of those problems is about the microphone in the voice chat. Many users reported that they can’t see the microphone button on the website. If you have a similar problem, you can follow the troubleshoot we provided you below…

discord microphone problem

Reinstall Discord

The best way the fix a problem related to an application is to try to reinstall it. When you reinstall discord, you don’t lose any data and your existing chats on the application. About 4-5 years ago, this process was more painful but it is quite easy now. You should only tap and hold on the application icon on your phone until you see the gray “x” button. Then hit “x” button to delete the application. Then go to the play store and search for discord again. Install the application to your phone and log in with your account!

Install Older Version of The Application (Not Recommended)

Installing the older version of the application can be always a way to fix problems related to the new version. However, we don’t recommend this operation on your phone for some reason. To install an older version of an app, you will need to find downloads from third-party websites. It means that you won’t be able the install older versions from official sources. Some websites are providing older versions of the apps. You can use them. However, you will need to do this at your own risk.  You can find more information on how to chat online about how to install an older version of Discord.

Contact Discord Support

Discord is a good application which is providing support for its users actively. Despite millions of users using the application freely, they are providing good support for their clients. This solution won’t help you to get your application fixed for sure. However, it is highly likely that it will help discord to make a new update for the version. So they will be able to fix related to your problem the next update of the application.

You can go to this page and contact the support of the app:

You can also feel free to contact us for more questions!

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