How to Install an Older Version of Discord

Sometimes new updates on the applications bring trouble to us more than joy. It also happens with Discord too… After the new version release of the discord, some users faced some bugs in the application. It can be very troublesome when you want to use the crucial features of the application. According to some users, they can’t see the headset and mic buttons on voice chat. It means that they can never deaf or undeafen their mics and headsets. This can be problematic for those who want to use the voice chat of the application. It will not be possible to use the application for voice chat with this bug. Reinstalling Discord is one of your options to fix this problem. It is the first thing you should try. If it didn’t fix your problem, you can try the guide that we provided below. However, you will need to download third-party websites to do it. So this won’t be a very secure option and we don’t recommend you to download apps from unofficial sources at all. We won’t provide any of those websites here. You can find them by searching on google! You can see the guide below on how to find those websites.

Discord APK Download

Learn the Current Version of the Discord

The best way to learn the current version of the application is by visiting the settings page of your phone. Then tap on the apps. You will see the discord application on the list of your apps. Tap on Discord and you will see the version of the app just under the name.

Remove Discord from Your Phone

Technically you can’t change the version of the application by using official sources. So you will need to remove the problematic version of Discord from your phone. You can tap and hold on to the discord image on your phone and then tap on the gray x button to remove it. It is simple like that. Then you will need to find a good source to install Discord APK on your phone.

How to Find Old Discord APK

Google is the best solution for that. Just go to Google to find the best APK website. To do that make a search for “Discord APK” on Google. Go to one of those first results. Don’t forget to allow your phone to download applications from third-party resources. After you download the application, tap on install and begin to use the older discord APK on your phone.

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