How To Use Discord

Discord, one of the applications that have gained popularity recently, is a voice communication application. This application can be used both over the phone and on the web. The application that allows you to communicate with people you know over the Internet is completely free. Moreover, it allows for communication with more than one person at the same time. This application, which is heavily preferred by those who play online games, provides fast and high-quality communication as long as there is no internet connection problem.

It is also an application with a somewhat complex structure. Discord is a very layered platform that you have to learn to use. Let’s start with the basics.

How To Join or Create Discord Servers

In Discord, you can both join other servers and create them for you and your friends to communicate. Creating a space provides a way to communicate with many people at once. To join a different Discord group, open the Discord app on your desktop or mobile device and click the Explore Public Servers button in the left pane. In this way, you meet people with whom you can communicate.

See Your Discord Notifications

Discord notifications can quickly get out of hand if you belong to multiple different communities within the Discord app. Fortunately, Discord gives you full control over your notification settings. You can set what type of notifications you want to receive in the system settings and even turn the sounds on or off for each notification type. Controlling when and how you receive notifications is the best way to stay sane; thousands of notifications are not productive for anyone.

Keep Your Server Folders Organized

If you are a member of other servers in discord, you may feel the need to keep messages, events and things organized. Fortunately, Discord allows users to create server folders by neatly zipping servers into their own categories. To create a server folder, simply click and drag one server onto another in the left pane. You can edit the folder name and color to make it easier to identify which folder is which. Right-click the folder and then choose Folder Settings from the context menu.

10 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Increase The Productivity You Will Get From The Application

Discord offers a very fun and fast use with keyboard shortcuts that make your life easier. While all the shortcuts are worth learning, here are some important shortcuts to get you started:


Navigate between servers: Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down

Navigate between channels: Alt + Up/Down

Toggle Mute: Ctrl + Shift + M

Toggle Deafness: Ctrl + Shift + D

Answer call: Ctrl + Enter

Reject call: Esc

Mark channel as read: Esc

Upload a file: Ctrl + Shift + U

Search: Ctrl + F

Get help: Ctrl + Shift + H

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