Can’t Log in to Moco App (How to Fix on Android and iOS)

Moco App is one of the most popular applications for dating people on iOS and Android devices. You can make new friends and meet online people through the application. One of the most serious problems with the app is about logging in. We are going to provide some solutions for you on this page. So you will able to fix the problem.

You can find the solutions below. We got a question recently about this issue from one of our visitors. What they said was:

“When I click on the Moco app, it’s grey and says loading but never gave me the chance to log on. What should I do for fixing this problem?”

Can’t log in After Mocospace Update on iOS or Android

If you can’t log in to the monospace after the application is updated on your iOS or Android device, it means this problem is related to the new version of the application. Unfortunately, there are not too many ways to fix this problem on iPhones or iPads. So it is highly likely that you will need to use the website on your phone instead of the application. The website has already the same content as the applications that you download from App Store. So you are not going to have any difficulties fixing it. If you would like to resolve the problem on Apple devices, this is the best solution for sure. If you have any questions related to this problem, you can ask the support of the application. You can also feel free to leave a comment to the comment section below.

If you are using Android, you are lucky! So you will able to download the older version of the app from any APK website. However, here is just a reminder for you. This is not a very healthy way to do it because most of these apks can include viruses and malware software that can affect the health of your health. You can also lose some important data because of those. So ensure you are using a good website to download. The other option to use Moco App safely is to use the browser on your phone. You can go to Mocospace’s official website and begin to use this platform on your phone.


Can’t log in Moco App Because of the Forgotten Password

Forgotten password issues can be only fixed through the website and application itself by clicking on the “Forgot Password” button. If you also don’t remember the email you registered or if you don’t have the phone number you registered, it means that the account has been doomed. Better if you create a new account. However, if you have some hope, you can contact the staff of mocospace. However, since you don’t have anything to recover your account, they won’t want to help you. Just saying!

If you know those recovery options but if you have difficulties recovering the password, you will need to follow the help guide of mocospace for that.

Gray Screen on Moco App!

The gray screen on Mocospace App means that you are having some trouble with the app. If the application doesn’t load on your device, you will want to reinstall it. It is the best way to fix this problem. The grey screen problem in the application won’t also allow you to login to the application. To fix this problem. You will need to reinstall the application. It means that you will need to remove the application first from your phone device and install it from your OS store once more.

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