Apps That You can Get Real Money by Socializing

If you are trying to increase your income but do not know what to do, we are here to show you an extraordinary option! With the development of technology, almost the entire day is spent in front of the phone screen, although this sounds bad on the one hand, it actually brings new business lines with it!

 Ideas like starting an online business sound great on paper. Similarly, starting a second job is another widely recommended way to increase your income. However, if you need to make money quickly and you have a full schedule, it’s probably not possible to start a business or get extra shifts. It’s also nice to start a side business that’s flexible, has zero upfront costs, and doesn’t affect your core business. Fortunately, in today’s extraordinary age, it is possible to earn real money by completing the steps you need to do through applications or by participating in certain challenges.

While most of these income-generating apps won’t drastically increase your monthly income, combining a few can definitely make a positive difference to your finances. Let’s see what these apps are aimed for.

Apps That You can Get Real Money by Socializing

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, the leader in paid surveys, promises to pay you real money in exchange for a survey. When you create a Survey Junkie account to participate in paid surveys, you fill out a survey that helps match you to relevant surveys. This helps reduce your chances of being disqualified and also makes polls more interesting. Considering that many survey websites disqualify you in the middle of the survey and this is a waste of your time, this is a nice feature.

You can answer surveys from your computer if you wish, but Survey Junkie also has an Android and iOS app. Withdraw via PayPal, direct transfer, or free gift cards.


InboxDollars app is another paid survey site that you can use to earn extra money in your spare time like a survey junkie. However, unlike Survey Junkie, InboxDollars offers a lot of fun activities outside of surveys as well. The following can be mentioned as examples.

  • Play Online Games
  • Using Scratch Tickets
  • Answering Surveys and Watching Videos
  • Cash Back for Shopping
  • Trying Out Coupon Codes

There is also a $5 sign-up bonus that you will earn when you first log in to this app. You need $30 to withdraw, but the various ways to win and the signup bonus will help you reach that requirement faster. Refund options include PayPal or check.

Capital One Shopping

The Capital One Shopping app earns you money a little differently than your average rewards app. Here are the things you should do for earning money:

  • Earn credits that can be redeemed for free gift cards by purchasing from Capital One Shopping partners
  • Shop online through the app and apply coupon codes to save money
  • If you’re just looking for cashback rewards, Rakuten is the better choice. However, if you’re shopping for a high-priced item, Capital One Shopping’s price comparison tool can yield big savings. Plus, earning free gift cards is another perk.

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