[Sticky] Account Blocked Wechat?  

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i use wechat for the last month and just a few days ago i got my account blocked for suspicious login, the problem may be that i use 2 phones and i keep login in both of them sometimes

i tried to unblock my account, but it says that i need an user with no less than 6 months using the app ( https://imgur.com/a/NhCKjdh )


most of my friends don't apply as they get a Verification Failed message, anyone can help me?  i alreade send 2-3 messages to Wechat support with no answer :(






Welcome to our forums @rodny91. Well, actually they are asking more than 6 months membership for the verification issue and more... That is why your friends are failing. Their exact demand is one year actively used account, also an account which has WeChat wallet and also the verifier shouldn't verify others account soon. You can see all verification demands on our guide.

What we can do about this?

Actually a member of our staff can help you about the situation. I invite @Eiko here to see the issue. He has 2 year-old account but don't know if he has WeChat wallet. If he can help you, I believe he is going to respond this. Personally I would like to help you as much as I can but generally Eiko is caring with issues about WeChat.

Is there any technical way to fix this?

Since this is an account block, nothing will work like reinstall, some tricks with codes, etc... So don't try those at all. Only WeChat devs or a friend which is eligible to verify can help you. I hope you will get a better help from @Eiko soon.

If you ever have any questions about usage of WeChat or WhatsApp or any other messaging application, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Oh thanks. :D

Thank you!!! 


Hello @rodny91,

Unfortunately I don't have WeChat wallet but do you want me to give a try?

yeah! @eiko i have nothing to loose, i just need your Wechat phone number to try, hope it works!!!! 

@rodny91 the wechat number is +"there was a phone number here", please let me know when you try, I am gonna delete the number :D

@eiko i send you the verification, the app say you must enter in the wechat app - wechat team - account - assistant verification 


thanks for your help

@rodny91 Yeah I was watching for that already. However operation failed. Can you send me the request once more?

@eiko i send you the verification again :)

@rodny91 I think it is because of I don't have a wallet account :/ Sorry about that.

@rodny91 any change now?


@eiko i'm still in the "waiting screen", did you did it already?? 

Nah, it is not working. Operation failed again. Sorry that I couldn't help. It says I am not qualified for assisting.

@rodny91 I will pin the subject here, if we can find any volunteer to help, I will mention your name here.

yeah i get the failed message too, thanks anyway @eiko ... i guess i'll need an user from Asia to make it work


thanks for your time

@rodny91 I wish I could help. They couldn't do much but Bolivia was my fave at 94 World Cup :) Have a good day.

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