WhatsApp Sound Notification Does not Work on Android

Sound notifications are one of the most important features of  messenger apps. So you will able to know if anyone wants to talk to you. However these feature has some errors in some versions of Android. We are trying to give you information on how to fix this problem but we also recommend you to contact to WhatsApp support. You will able to get better support with this option. However it will take some time to get support from them. You can try the steps here while you wait response from developers.

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What to Do if Sound Notification Doesn’t Work on Android

There can be various reason if sound notification doesn’t work on your device.

  • Are you sure that you have download WhatsApp from official resources such as Google Play or official website of WhatsApp? If you haven’t install the application from these resources, you will need to reinstall the application.
  • Have you ever blocked some features of the application from the settings or permissions? If you did, please check settings and permissions of the application. If you haven’t allowed sound notifications, please enable this feature.
  • If reinstalling and checking settings didn’t help you at all, you will need to get support. It may take some time to contact WhatsApp developers, however it is the best way to fix some errors.

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