WhatsApp Call is not Clear

There is not do to much if WhatsApp call is not clear. You should check your network. If you have connected to internet through the GSM and if your the signal is not good enough, you may face with this problem on WhatsApp. There is only way to get rid of this problem and it’s changing your network. If you don’t have any alternative connection, you will always face with this. At some situations, calling does not even work. If you are having this error with Wi-Fi, try change your network to GSM connection.

How to Get More Clear Calls on WhatsApp

  • If you want to make call in your home and if you are using GSM internet connection, we recommend you to go to the room which has the best signal. You will able to make better call with that.
  • If you are using GMS connection and you can use an alternative WiFi connection. Try connect Wi-Fi connection and make a call again.
  • If you are using WiFi connection, and you can use GSM connection alternatively. Connect GSM and make a call to your friend.

WhatsApp Call is not Clear

That is all you can do with this problem. You can contact WhatsApp if you think this is a bug. Unfortunately this is all you have to do about this problem.

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