What Should I Do When Tiktok Keeps Crashing

If the app keeps crashing while using the TikTok app, it could be a sign that your TikTok app is experiencing some issues. Downloads such as effects, filters and stickers in TikTok all take up space on your phone, and you may find that you need to clear your TikTok application cache because of these space covers. However, it’s not just the reason why this app crashes.

Why Tiktok Keeps Crashing

There are many reasons why the Tiktok application constantly crashes. Here are some of the resaons why this error occurs on your phone!

  • Not having enough RAM on your phone.
  • Not having an updated version of the app on your phone.
  • Having trouble with your internet connection.
  • If you have a lot of Cache files on your front memory
  • Bugs and errors on the app

Solving The Problem

Here are the ways to solve crashing problem on TikTok.

  1. a)       Restart the app : Having too many applications open in the back tabs of your phone can cause your phone to heat up and slow down. In such cases, closing all applications and reopening Tiktok can solve the in-app crash problem.
  2. b)     Check Your Network Connection: Your internet connection is an important factor in the use of the application, if the disconnection is frequent or your speed is low, you are likely to encounter this problem.
  3. c)       Check Your Phone’s Space: if you have overloaded, you may need to clean unnecessary items to use the application.
  4. d)     Clear all the Cache: Clear all the junk cache and data on our device.
  5. e)     Reinstall the app: If you still have the pronlem on the app try reinstall the app from Play Store.


 With these steps, you will have solved all possible problems.

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