What Is The Tiktok Has Stopped Error and Its Solution

The tiktok has stopped error that some users get while using an android phone may be caused by many different factors. If such problems appear on the screen of the phone, it is most likely due to google services, but for everyone, this problem does not occur only for this reason.

First of all, before we move on to solving the problem, there are some questions you should ask yourself when you get this problem on your phone. Does it always say TikTok has stopped?

  • Does it continue when you turn off your phone and try to turn it on?
  • How many minutes after restarting the phone does it go out again? Or after what does it come out?
  • Do you remember what you were doing just before the problem occurred?
  • Have you checked your account with another phone? Plus Check your phone with another account.

Factors Causing Tiktok Has Stopped Issue

It is known that having an old version of the application can cause this issue. Discontinuing the update support of the application on the relevant systems may cause these problems, as it will be a new update, and you have to approve it manually. If you do not have problems opening TikTok, but it affects some features during use, and it often causes problems.

The systems of the users who plug in the charger before it runs out stay on for a long time. Normally, we recommend turning it off and on after a while on all kinds of devices. Phones exposed to malicious software always get warnings like this.

Users who do not have enough free space on their phone always get slowdown and error messages or people who have problems with their phone settings can get this problem.

How Can We Solve This Problem?

If you have started to receive this error constantly, it is recommended that you follow the steps below in order.

  • Firstly, restart the phone and try using the app again. If you start getting the problem again, go to your phone’s Settings, find the Applications tab, then tap the TikTok app and perform the cache clearing process.
  • If the problem continues to recur, this time log into the Settings section. Go to the Applications tab and find the Android System Webview application. Click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and tap on “Uninstall Updates”.

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