If your WeChat verification code doesn’t work at all, there are a few things to do about this problem. This error may occur on iOS, Android, Windows Phone or other operating systems.

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How to Resolve WeChat Verification Code Problem

If you would like to fix this problem you should do following steps on your device:

1-) Clear all data from your phone and try register to WeChat again. It’s highly likely you will get a valid verification code this time. If you can’t register or get verification try following step.

2-) Clear all data of WeChat from your mobile and uninstall application. Restart your phone and install WeChat again. Register to WeChat and request another verification code.

3-) If the second step couldn’t fix your problem at all, then you will need to contact to WeChat Staff. There are various ways to do it. You can send a feedback on WeChat page of your OS app store or you can contact WeChat Staff via official website of the application. There’s also a contact mail of them on the site. It will be easier for you to fix your problem with sending an e-mail.

You can still take a look at alternatives of this application if you don’t get any response to your support requests for WeChat verification code problem.



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Not Receive Code from Wechat to My iPhone


Dear sir/madam
I want to use wechat app and i installed on my iPhone.
Then i sign up it by using my phone number .
I completed all step but I cannot completed confirm code from wechat because I cannot receive code .


Thank you for asking How to Chat Online. If you have already tried all steps which we have told on this page, you will need to contact WeChat support. You can send a feedback to application developers with the contact page. You should do the following:

  • Click here to go to WeChat support page.
  • Select “iOS” in platform since you are using iPhone. If you are using another device, pick one of other options.
  • Select your country in region.
  • Select “Login and Password” option from categories.
  • Then select “Unable to Recieve SMS Code”
  • In description give detailed information to WeChat staff. Such as phone number, email address, phone model, the problem you face in the application, etc.
  • If you can have a screenshot about the error, upload it.
  • Select email section for contact option since you cannot use WeChat.
  • Finally submit your support request.

We hope it will fix your WeChat verification code problem.

My iPhone has Just Been Stolen I Need to Set Up My WeChat on a New Phone


My Iphone has just been stolen.. I need to set up my account on a new phone and it’s not happening.

Yes, unfortunately you need the old phone for migrate all account and now it is almost impossible for you. Wechat only allows you to move your account if you have the old device. We recommend you to contact WeChat for this but not expect much. They don’t answer to users mostly but this is still an option.
You should do the following steps to get a support from WeChat for current situation:
Tap here to go to Support Page.
Select your country.
Select “Login and Password” for the category.
Select “New device authentication”
In description write your account information a little bit and give them information about the problem.
Write your WeChat ID and valid e-mail address in step 2.


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    • You will need to remove WeChat from your iPhone 7 device. Then install it from App Store again. Yes, unfortunately any iPhone model doesn’t have any settings for clearing cache and data. If you ever want to clear cache and data of an application on all Iphone devices, you will need to reinstall. This is not only for WeChat. You need to do it for every devices.

  1. Hi.. currently i’m login into wechat. But error occur need verification from QR codes. How to scan the codes if we cannot login into Wechat? Believe that this QR codes need us to login first and scan in discover feature in WeChat. I just installed the WeChat apps into my phone. Before this success login cause using dp picture to verify rather than QR codes.


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