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System busy error occurs on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia and Blackberry devices for WeChat and it happens because of your network problems. If you are downloading many files from internet or if your connection is really slow, you will need to find another Wi-Fi or GSM based internet connection. Otherwise you are going to get this error continuously. This problem doesn’t occur because of your application settings or phone settings (of course if you didn’t close all internet connections on your phone). So we don’t recommend you to play with your settings.

Solution for WeChat System Busy Error

If you are getting System Busy problem on your device do the following methods.

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Method 1-) Change the Network

  • You will need to tap settings on your device.
  • Tap Wi-fi on the list.
  • Take a look at connections on the list and connect one of internet connections which is available for you.

Method 2-) Stop all Downloads in your Network

If you are downloading some huge files from internet, this will keep your connection busy and you will get error in your phone. If you would like to use WeChat as soon as possible, you will need to stop all file transfers and downloads on your network.

Method 3-) Slow Internet Connection

If you are facing with slow internet connection and if you don’t know the reason of that, you will need to restart your internet connection. If you are still having same problem, then you will need to contact to your Internet Service Provider.


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