Wechat Shake makes you meet with Chinese people when you shake the phone? This is not an error or a bug at all. However it’s a serious problem of WeChat Shake feature. The problem has some complaints by users of iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone. There’s not much to do about this problem however we are going to provide some solutions for you. We have tested some of them. Sometimes solutions are working but we should admit that, our solutions won’t going to provide 100 percent success for you. The main reason of this problem, WeChat has focused on China too much and got many users from this country. There are many online users from China on the app. So it’s normal to meet with Chinese people. These are our solutions for this problem:

1-) If you are living close to China, try install a VPN or proxy service on your mobile device. We recommend European services. It will help you to change your location virtually and it will decrease chance to meet with people from China.

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2-) Close location related features and permission of the app. You are going to meet people from more random places.

3-) If this feature doesn’t work at all, you can click here to see solutions.

Unfortunately, there’s not too much to do for it as a user of this app. We believe that WeChat staff should place a country filter for this app, it will be the best troubleshooting for this problem. So users will able to get better results from this feature.


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