WeChat Shake Doesn’t Work

Too many people is using this feature of WeChat, however shake feature doesn’t work on BlackBerry, iOS or Android sometimes. This error is very common. Windows Phone users are also reported that they have similar issues. If the feature doesn’t work for you at all, we have some solutions for you. Sometimes our solutions working good since we had similar problems in the past.

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How to Fix Shake Problem on WeChat

However sometimes they don’t work at all.  Try doing these steps:

1-) Firstly check your mobile phone and try closing all running apps. There are many good applications for that or you can do it manual. After you close all apps, restart WeChat and try again. If it’s not working yet, please take a look at next step.

2-) Try clear data from your application. Unfortunately it will be a reset for the app. However you won’t lose your friends. You will lose some datas. After you clear datas, restart to app. If it doesn’t work again, please take a look at next step.

3-) Clear datas from WeChat again and try reinstall WeChat and run the app.

4-) Try contact to WeChat developers or make a review on iTunes or Google Play. Especially WeChat staff is providing good support on Google Play and they response users reviews. You can get a solution for your problem or it’s always possible to get ignored by staff.

What else you can do for resolve the problem?

If you don’t also get response from the staff, now you should wait for new update. That’s an unfortunate but you can still explore WeChat Alternatives. There are many apps on application stores which will help you to talk to strangers.

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