WeChat Password Retrieval Failed

This problem is one of the common errors of the app and we will give you some solutions on here. WeChat is one of the most popular applications especially in Asian countries. If you are having password retrieval failed error for your account, you will need to do steps at paragraph below. If you are having only account problem, you can check our guideline for “How to Fix WeChat Login Error“. You can also ask us if you want to ask any other question.

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How to Retrieve WeChat Password on iPhone and Android

There is not too much to do if you are having account problem. Account problems are not generally related with the application on your device. This is related with WeChat itself. So we recommend you to not to change settings of your phone or the application. You can do the following steps below:

  • Go to WeChat Support Page.
  • Select Android or iOS in the platform section of the page.
  • Choose your country in the region section.
  • Select “Login and Password” at the category section.
  • Choose “Password Retrieval Failed”.
  • Describe your problem with WeChat application on the description section.
  • Upload a screenshot if you have any.
  • Enter your phone number at Linked Mobile Number in Step 2.
  • Enter a valid email address that you use actively.
  • Click/Tap on Submit.


You can see the example form below that we have added to our page. You will need to fill the form similar. However we recommend you to describe your problem longer. Don’t hesitate to give detailed information to WeChat Staff. That will help you a lot and you will able to get a faster response. You can also ask us questions about the application with the comment section below.

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Questions and Answers

Forgot WeChat Password, Couldn’t Retrieve My Password


I forgot my password.
I don’t receive any code by sms or email to login again.

Forgot wechat password, couldn’t retrieve my password.


Yes, password retrieval is problem which occurs on WeChat very often. Unfortunately you cannot fix that problem without help of a WeChat staff. Please look at steps above to fix your problem officially because there is not any alternative way for forgotten password.

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