WeChat Nearby Not Working on Android

Sometimes nearby feature on WeChat doesn’t work correctly or it doesn’t work at all and giving errors. We are going to provide you some solutions for you on here. You can read our guideline if you have Android device, if you have iOS you can also do the similar ways. Nearby feature of the app is helping you to meet people who are living around of you. (Of course only WeChat users) Since the application is very popular on the world, you can do it easily. However there are some complaints about this feature on Google Play that this feature doesn’t work or it doesn’t work properly. When it doesn’t work properly, the app is showing you somewhere else and you see people from other countries) This problem may occur if you are not in a place where application won’t able to detect your location correctly. If the feature doesn’t work at all, there can be several reason of that. You will find several options on here to fix the error.

Note: Wechat Nearby Feature Doesn’t Work in India at the moment. You can take a look at alternatives.

Wechat Nearby Doesn’t Work After Update

Firstly please try solutions on the page that we have updated recently. Please click here to see solutions for WeChat Nearby problem.

If WeChat Nearby feature doesn’t work after you have updated your website, you will can try uninstall recent updates from your Android device. We have guideline about how to do it on Apps Mobile Chat, however we are going to provide this information for you on this page again:

  • Close anything related with application on your Android device.
  • Go to settings
  • Click on “General” and select application manager.
  • Find WeChat from the list.
  • Clear all data and caches of WeChat.
  • Touch on “Uninstall Updates”
  • Restart your mobile.
  • Run WeChat.

If this step didn’t work for you, you will need to take a look at our next step:

Reinstall the App

If you are using the app which you have downloaded from unofficial resources, many features won’t work on your device. We recommend you to use the official versions of the application. You can download it from Google Play or WeChat’s official website wechat.com. We recommend you to take a look at our reinstallation guide. You will need to reinstall the app, if the feature doesn’t work in official release of the application.

If your application doesn’t work yet, you will need to contact WeChat Support. If your nearby chat doesn’t work properly, you can go to next step

Use VPN Services for Your Android Device

There are many good VPN services on Google Play. Select a high rated application and install it to your device. Clear caches and data of Wechat on Application Manager and restart your mobile device. Firstly run VPN app and select your country from the service. Then run WeChat.

WeChat Nearby Not Working on Android

Questions and Answers – WeChat Nearby Not Working on Android

My WeChat Account Blocked, Cannot Use People Nearby


My wechat account was blocked  and I can’t make new account as usually because at the new account I can’t use People Nearby.  Please help.


It is sad to hear that your account has been blocked. We recommend you to contact WeChat support for that. Account block can be happen because of violating terms and rulesusing WeChat on softwares like Bluestacks, using unofficial version of the application and because of reports of other users. If you violate one of serious terms of WeChat (like copyrighted content), it is almost impossible to remove your block. You can also get blocked because of prolonged inactivity.

You should do the following steps for get unblock on WeChat:

If you want to watch the video and all steps, please click here.

  • Click here to go to official website support of WeChat
  • Select your mobile OS at platform. (Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Select your country at region.
  • Select login and password and then select account blocked.
  • Tell your problem at description.
  • Type your WeChat ID or mobile number.
  • Type your e-mail.
  • Send the request form.

You cannot also use nearby of WeChat when you are blocked. However if you mean that you have already cannot use this feature when your account was active, our solutions are already at above.

Cannot Chat Online on Nearby Feature of Wechat


I have read the steps on how to make people nearby see me. However, i still cannot be seen by people nearby even i already have wechat name, already open my gps, my location, restart phone, reinstall wechat. Why?


Unfortunately WeChat nearby is one of the most problematic features of the application (maybe even at Play Store) and to be honest, the problem with this feature exists about years. May be even 3-4 years… And WeChat has never provided a real solution for Nearby feature. We have provided solutions to fix this problem in different times with different ways. These solutions have helped some of people and it didn’t also help some… We haven’t worked on current issue yet, however please check all these related subjects on How to Chat Online, there are many solutions on our webpage. You can click here to see all questions and articles which is written for WeChat Nearby problem.


We can provide another alternative for all these solutions that we have provided on How to Chat Online (for Android):

Step 1-) Settings (of your device) > Lock Screen and Security (or Security) > Enable Unknown sources

Step 2-) Go to official webpage of WeChatclick here to go > Tap on Download for Android > Tap on Direct Download > Wait for the download and install the appto your device.

However we recommend you to contact to the WeChat staff first since you have already tried the most reliable ways to fix this problem. These solutions you have counted on your question above are already official solutions for nearby problem of WeChat which has been provided officially by WeChat Staff. You can do the following for contact to staff step by step:

  1. Click here to go to WeChat support.
  2. Select the operating system you are using.
  3. Choose your country.
  4. Select “Broken Feature” in the category and next “People Nearby”.
  5. Please write a good description of your question.
  6. Upload a screenshot about your problem.
  7. Enter your Phone number or WeChat ID in Step 2.
  8. Enter a valid email that you can check mails.
  9. Submit the form.

WeChat will not answer you so soon. However somehow your problem will be get fixed by time.

Nearby Problem at Blackview R6


I am using Blackview R6 and Android OS. People nearby can’t find me but me can see people nearby. People nearby can’t find me at list. How to solve this issue.


We have provided several guide for this issue: People Can’t See Me on WeChat Nearby. There more than that on How to Chat Online. You can click here to see all questions, answers, tutorials, solutions about WeChat Nearby. We believe WeChat nearby feature doesn’t work because of some version problems. You can try download the WeChat from the official website instead of Google Play Store.

We recommend you to contact WeChat staff about this issue if your problem goes on after you do our solutions which we provided you above. They don’t respond very soon but we hope that you will able to get an answer from them about this issue.

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