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One of the common problems of WeChat is Chinese language problem nowadays. This error is appear on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. You have download and installed to application and it opened in Chinese language. It’s surprising, right? It happens on WeChat sometimes. Especially if application doesn’t able to figure out your location, you may get some errors like that. Of course, there are some other reasons too. There are various ways to fix this problem. If you have similar trouble with another language, you can also use our tips fix this trouble. You can try our solutions for you step by step:

However we recommend you to take a look at this video first:

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If this video couldn’t help you follow these steps:

1-) Make sure that you have installed the app from correct site and language, if you are not sure, uninstall your app and install them from official OS websites.

2-) If you run the app in an unknown place which system couldn’t locate you, the application may work in Chinese. Try clear datas and then uninstall it and find out a place where system will able to understand where you are.

3-) Clear data, then uninstall application and get a VPN service or a proxy service for your OS. (US or UK services are recommended) Then reinstall application.

4-) If you couldn’t fix the problem, contact WeChat staff and tell them about your problem.

5-) If the problem still goes on, look for WeChat alternatives.


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