WeChat Changes Location to China

WeChat Changes Location to ChinaWeChat changes your location to China on your Android or iPhone device? There are a few ways to get rid of this problem in the application and we are going to tell you how to do it on here. If you have faced with this application after an update, you can uninstall recent updates from your device. If you don’t know how to uninstall recent updates, you can learn how to do that on our guidelines. You can search “WeChat uninstall recent updates” in our website and go to the guideline about that. If it didn’t fix your problem, there are many alternative ways to do it. Let’s show you how to fix that location change problem on WeChat.

How to Fix WeChat Location Changing

If you would like to fix WeChat Location change problem, you will need to check your network first. Sometimes applications may get your location wrongly. You can try change your network to figure out that. Try connect your Wi-Fi at home and register your location.

Alternatively you can clear caches and data of WeChat and go to settings again. Change your location to your current country and try watch if WeChat automatically changes your location.

If you couldn’t fix these problems through the ways we counted above, you can also try reinstall WeChat application to your device.

You can also contact WeChat support through contact page, Google Play or App Store if you go on to have these problems.

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