Video Call Doesn’t Work on WeChat After Update

Video Call on WeChat doesn’t work on your Android phone or tablet after you have updated it? You can fix these errors and problems in two ways. We are going to provide these solutions for you on here. We also recommend you to contact WeChat to resolve these problems. You can take a look at our how to report errors to WeChat page.

We will provide basic information for you on here. If these steps won’t resolve your problem, you will need to contact to WeChat. However you should do the steps carefully. Especially we recommend you to read our guideline about how to reinstall WeChat. This guideline will help you to stay away from a possible disappointment. After you read you will be ready to do our steps:

Video Call Doesn’t Work After Update of WeChat

If video call doesn’t work in your Android device, there can be several reason of it. We recommend you to uninstall recent updates of WeChat first. You can get more information about that in our pages. However we will tell you how to do it on here again. You will need to do following steps to remove updates of WeChat from your phone:

  • Firstly, close the application on your phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select “General”.
  • Application Manager.
  • Select WeChat on Application Manager.
  • Touch on “Uninstall Updates”
  • Try video call your friend again.

If this thing didn’t work for you or if you don’t want to remove updates, you will need to do the second step:

  • Go to Application manager and select WeChat from the list.
  • Clear all datas and caches of application.
  • Uninstall application and be sure that you have cleared all files of application from your phone. A file manager is going to help you about that.
  • Go to Google Play and reinstall application.

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WeChat Camera Doesn’t Work on Samsung Galaxy


Camera doesn’t work in We Chat app and QR code scan also doesn’t work so I can’t connect to PC. I am using Samsung Galaxy S5 and Android.


Welcome to Q&A service. You are getting any error while you are using your Camera on the app or it is simply doesn’t work at all? If you are getting an error while you try to use your camera, do the following:

1-) Check if there is any outdated app or software on your device. If there is any outdated app or software, there can be a conflict. Please update them as soon as possible and try run the application again.

2-) Settings > Application Manager > Swipe Left > Swipe down to Camera app and tap on Camera > Tap Force Stop > Tap Clear Cache > Tap Clear Data > Restart Your Device

If you are not getting an error and your camera doesn’t work for WeChat only, please check permissions first:

Settings > Application Manager > Find WeChat and tap on that > Tap Permissions> Make sure Camera is enabled. > If it was disabled and you have enabled it, restart your phone.

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