Unable to Login WeChat on Android

You unable to login to WeChat? We are going to provide you some solutions on here and you will able to use your WeChat account again on Android. It will be very easy for you to resolve this error. You won’t need to use another application or software for login to WeChat again. This problem is generally occurs on Android and we are going to give you some solutions for that. (If you are having problem with a locked account, please click here to learn how to unlock it.)

Let’s tell you how to resolve the problem.

If you download WeChat from unofficial resources, you won’t able to use WeChat for sometime later. So you will need to these steps.

  • Uninstall WeChat from your Android device. Please ensure that you have cleared all files of application.
  • Go to Google Play and download WeChat from official resources.

We recommend you to be careful while you uninstall WeChat since you can get another error while you try to reinstall the application from official resources. You can get more information about how to reinstall the app on our website:

Please take a look at our guideline how to reinstall to WeChat.

If you cannot still fix the problem, you will need to fix it through WeChat staff, please watch the video below:


If you violate site terms and rules you will need to contact to WeChat and you will need to apologize because of your bad behaviour. If you don’t want to do that, you won’t able to use the application with same phone number. So you will need another phone number to use the app. You can also click here to see WeChat Alternatives.

If you use your WeChat on Bluestack software, you will be unable to login WeChat account again. We recommend you to not to use your actual accounts on pc-based application programs like Bluestack.

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