TikTok Not Opening Problem on Android and Solution

If you’re having trouble opening the Tiktok app, you may need to check a few things. The first place that people who have this problem on their Android phones should look at is their internet connection status. A bad internet connection can cause some problems.

The login problem that occurs when there is an internet problem can sometimes occur when your internet speed is low. If you are using mobile data on your Android phone, sometimes these problems may occur more frequently due to internet reception. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you can try to use Wi-Fi.

If you still can’t open Tiktok even though there is no problem with internet speed, you may have to reinstall the application. maybe there is a software problem. Sometimes, our perfectly working devices may suddenly refuse to open apps due to a certain glitch. Although it sounds like an “on-off method”, we should look at it with the eye of re-enabling the system. After restarting your device, you can log in to the application again.

Did You Reinstall The App But Couldn’t Solve The Problem?

If you still have trouble logging into the Tiktok application after deleting and reinstalling the application from your phone, there may be another problem that may cause this situation. Memory problem! As you know, in our world where data flow is so high, we may get this error in some applications that we are in use due to memory failure on our phones. For example, did you know that the photos and videos on our phone take up much more space than we thought? this situation seriously strains the memory and RAM of the devices. Because of this, apps can sometimes stop working.

A technical solution you can do about this issue is to check your phone one by one at every step, for example, first internet connection or then reinstalling and then checking if the application has the necessary RAM space for it to run on the device. maybe instead of all these problematic items, the password and required information you use while logging in may be a login error. Or even if there is a slight possibility, your account may have been closed by Tiktok.

If you wish, you can first install vpn and repeat these steps.

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