Search Button Disappeared on MeetMe App at Android

Search Button Disappeared on MeetMe App at AndroidSearch button disappeared on MeetMe and you can’t make any search application after the update? There is not any search button at all on this Android app? You will able to get the search button with the ways we have shown you on this page until a new update of the application. There is only one way to do it and there are not many options for you to do that. You will need to remove recent updates of the application. If you don’t able to use the application’s older version properly you can make the new updates again. However we have tested it for you and MeetMe’s older versions has worked us.

Remove Recent Updates for Getting Search Button on Meet Me

Removing recent updates always helps you to get rid of some errors. If you can’t see search button and if it is disappeared on the app, you can use this option. This option won’t delete most of your data but you won’t able to use some of new features. However if you like older versions, you can use this option. You can click on the link below for more information.

Please click here to learn how to remove recent updates of MeetMe.

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