We have noticed that some WeChat users are having problem with QR Code appearance on PC version of the application. If QR Code doesn’t appear after you installed the program in your PC, there can be a few reasons of that. We will tell you about how to fix this problem, however if you cannot fix the problem with our solutions, we recommend you to contact to WeChat Support.

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QR Code Does Not Work on PC version of WeChat

QR Codes are generally designed with Java and you generally need to have the latest version of Java to make QR codes run on your Browser and PC. If you don’t have the latest version of Java, these codes will hardly work or they won’t even appear. You need to do following steps to fix this problem:

  • Run your browser. (This should not be Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) Maxthon, Internet Explorer browsers are going to work well for checking version of Java and installing new version.
  • Go to Verify Java Version page.
  • Click on “Verify Java Version”.
  • Wait until it checks the Java version.
  • You will see the result soon and if you are using outdated version of Java or if you don’t have java installed in your PC, install the latest version of it.

If you have any questions regarding this problem you can comment this page or ask us through our Q&A service. You can also ask users on our Community.

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