Okcupid Generic Authentication Error And Solution

OkCupid is an American based, internationally operating online dating app. This free application still serves as an active dating site with 1.8 million members since its establishment in 2003. Thanks to this application, you can meet your future partner or build a strong friendship. In this article, we will try to explain to you what is Okcupid Generic Authentication Error, which is frequently encountered recently, and here how you can solve this problem.

Why Does OkCupid Get a Generic Authentication Error?

If you are getting generic authentication errors while trying to access your OkCupid account, it can occur from multiple issues. It’s possible that the credentials you use to log in to OkCupid are incorrect. It can also be caused by a problem with the system. Otherwise if your cache memory is overloaded you might find it hard to access the account as well. If it doesn’t occur on your side maybe the app is updating its system so thus you can get this error as well.

How To Solve It

When you first start getting this problem, you may need to check many factors. However, restarting your device first is the best option. You can easily fix this problem by restarting your system. Restarting the device can clear software errors on your system so you can access your OkCupid account.

You can also fix this problem by updating the version of the application. Sometimes apps don’t update automatically, or you may have accidentally turned off auto-update in settings. The software of the old versions of the application becomes unusable after a while and this causes you to get an error when logging into the application. After updating the application to the new version, you can log in to your OkCupid account.

If you’re getting a login error because it’s incorrect or you forgot your password and username, you may need to try getting a new password.

It can also be caused by the Android system web view and this issue can be easily fixed by changing the settings in the apps section of your device. In the application system you have to select the Android web view and the tab on the disable button.

 If you are unable to resolve this issue by checking these steps, you may need to contact OkCupid support for assistance in resolving the General Authentication Error on your system..

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