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Moco Chat is a good application for chatting with strangers and people with nearby location. However sometimes you can get some errors and you can face with bugs with the application. If you think that Moco Chat is logging you out from the app, it is highly likely a bug problem. If you are facing these very often, you will need to contact Moco Chat staff. You can click here to learn how to contact Moco chat developers. If you think that it’s not a bug and you are just facing with this problem, we will give you some information for you on here. We hope that you will able to fix that with our tips. Our tips are just for Android on here.

Moco Chat Log Out Problem

If you are facing with Log Out problem on Moco Chat, you can do following steps to get rid of this error:

  • Clearing Cache and Data
  • Please check your privacy and security settings (also settings default browser) and fix it if you see any problem there.
  • Reinstalling Moco Chat App
  • If you are getting error after an update, we recommend you to uninstall the recent update from your device.

You can give a try these three steps. If you still can’t solve the problem, we recommend you to contact staff through the portal or support page of the website.


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