Messages Cannot Be Sent in Eharmony Problem And Solution

If you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship and marriage, eHarmony is an application that can meet your expectations. The eHarmony app has a different algorithm to match its members with potential partners. Although other applications have side scrolling, this application allows you to meet a person who is compatible with your own characteristics. Instead of just photos of people, all members need to do a compatibility test when signing up to determine who your best matches will be, so you’ll be matched and communicated.

However, no matter how powerful the system of this application is, sometimes users may encounter some problems like other apps. In this article, we will explain the problem of not being able to send messages, and how you can fix it easily.

Message Limits

If you have not created a subscription while using the eHarmony application, what you can do is limited. People who use the app for free are not allowed to send a personalized message to another user. So, this could be the reason why your messages could not be sent. You can solve this problem by purchasing a paid membership.

Timing Out

The eHarmony app has a timeout feature set to automatically log you out if you spend too much time on a page. This feature has been created to ensure your security. because after you leave the computer and access your account, anyone can use your account. however, when you press the send button to send a message while you are timing out with this feature, the system will not accept any action for 20 minutes. So your message will hang, meaning it won’t happen. In such a case, wait for a certain time and try again when the timeout expires.

Network Connection

If there is a problem with your internet connection, your messages may not be sent. Therefore, you should check the network speed when you have this problem. If your network speed is erratic or slow, you may need to turn off and restart wifi. If this step doesn’t help your connection strength, you should check if you are connected to Vpn as this may cause your network to slow down. By leaving the VPN and connecting to the internet again, you can send your message.

These solution methods will help you to overcome your problem.

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