MeetMe No Connection Error on Android

If you are getting “no connection” error on MeetMe, there are several things you should check on Android device to fix this problem. We are going to tell you how to do that on this page for you. There are many other problems about the application. You can also find ways of how to resolve these problems in How to Chat Online. MeetMe is one of the most famous applications that you can meet and chat with people. These are the ways you can resolve “no connection” error in MeetMe.

How to Fix No Connection Error

If you have connection error, first you should check settings of your application and check what kind of connection you are using for MeetMe. You need to use 3G or Wi-Fi to use this application properly. If you accidentally block both of the connection types, you will need to activate them again.  Please do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Applications.
  • Select MeetMe on application list.
  • Check network communication and ensure that all of these are already activated for app: full network access, receive data from Internet, view network connections, view Wi-Fi Connections.

If all enabled we recommend you to look at steps we have shown below.


Clear Data and Cache

Clear Data and Cache

Clearing data and cache will help you to remove most of errors in the application. If you don’t know how to remove data and cache you can get information in our help pages.

Click here to learn how to remove cache and data on Android applications.

Reinstall the Application

Reinstalling the application is something you should do carefully. You can get -24 error while you trying to reinstall the application. Please click here to read our guideline about how to reinstall MeetMe.

MeetMe No Connection Error on Android

Questions and Answers – MeetMe No Connection Error on Android

MeetMe Too Many Requests Error on iPhone


Error too many requests, meetme does not show up in my apps . I can’t clear it if I can’t find it in apps.


Thank you for your nice question. Actually this is very tricky issue with MeetMe. People who are using Android can easily fix that problem on their devices. This is not same for iOS devices since cleaning datas and caches of the applications is not that easy with iPhone. It is requiring reinstallation. However before reinstalling MeetMe, we recommend you to try restart your iPhone and try login MeetMe. (There is small chance that this will fix your problem though)

You will need to do following to reinstall the application:

  • Tap and hold MeetMe icon on your iPhone.
  • Uninstall application from your device.
  • Go to AppStore.
  • Download and install the application to iPhone 6s again.

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