Kippo Dating App Problems And Solutions

Kippo is a mobile dating app that allows you to highlight your interests and connect with other people who enjoy the same things as you. If your device is android or ios, you can install this app and you will need a phone number to register. But if you visit the Kippo website, you can also read cute comics about dating as an actress. The idea behind this app is to easily create a niche meeting space. But although the idea is very powerful and well thought out, users may also encounter some issues while using it.


In this article, we will analyze the solution steps for you to overcome the problems experienced in the application as easily as possible.

Not Working Error

An error alert may appear on your screen when the application system stops working and refuses to work. This is a common problem among apps, but luckily it can be fixed with ease. As a first step, check your internet connection as soon as you start getting this issue. If your internet connection is slow or broken, this problem often disrupts the operation of the system.

Another factor that prevents the system from functioning may be low storage and RAM space. In this case, if your phone has low RAM or storage, your apps are likely to keep crashing or stalling. So before you continue with your troubleshooting, make sure your phone has enough storage space. You may need to delete some data to expand the storage space on your system.

Make sure you are using an up-to-date version of the app. This issue may be a problem from some old updates. The latest update will clear the errors in the software and allow you to use it in a healthy way. Now you can check the update of the application on the play store or the App store.


System keeps crashing error

The reasons why an application is constantly closing or crashing are explained below.

  • The application was installed or updated incorrectly. You can update your Android device software, but not update and install apps from the Google Play store.
  • Problem of lack of storage space on your device. Especially when you open many apps at the same time, there may not be enough storage space for the apps to run.
  • Not having efficent Network connection. Wi-Fi may not work on your Android phone and apps will work better if you have a good network connection.

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