Didn’t Recieve SMS Code from WeChat

WeChat is one of the most popular application on Google Play and the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times. However people get may some errors while using this app. If you didn’t receive any SMS code after you reinstall the application or install the application, it means you won’t able to use the application. You can try that a few times but if you don’t get any results with SMS requests, you will need to contact to WeChat support. You can contact to WeChat in various ways. We have told you how to contact with WeChat developers in our pages. You can do it through our guideline. Please click here to go to learn how to contact WeChat Support.

How to Report WeChat That You Didn’t Receive SMS Code

Let’s show you how to contact WeChat Support if you couldn’t receive any SMS code.

  • Click here to go to Support Page.
  • Click or Tap on Contact Us section from the options.
  • Choose the platform you use in your device.
  • Select your country.
  • Choose “Login and Password” at next selection and then select “Unable to Receive SMS Code” from the options.
  • Give the most recent date that you have faced with error.
  • In description, you will need to type very detailed information about the error you are facing. We also recommend you to tell where are you from, your GSM operator and etc. You will need to wait for some time to get a response from WeChat team.

That’s all you need to do! You will need to wait for response of WeChat for some time and you will able to use your account again. If you can’t receive messages on WeChat, you can also get information about that on How to Chat Online.

I Didn't Recieve SMS Code from WeChat

Questions and Answers – Didn’t Receive SMS Code from WeChat

Register Wechat on WM10 Phone


I cannot register wechat on my wm10 phone. it installed very smoothly, no problem, but I could never register wechat. I entered my phone number (correctly !!!) but  nothing happens, I tried dozens of times, I never got any response, no SMS is received to register.
my phone # is +***
Perhaps you can send the sms to my phone…?
Thank you.


Welcome to How to Chat Online Questions and Answers service,
Unfortunately we are unable to send any SMS code about WeChat since we are not affiliated with any plugin, any other website, iOS and Android applications, etc. We have already mentioned about that at disclaimer notice of our website. However we provide solutions for you on How to Chat Online.

If you haven’t received any code from WeChat and if you try to get code over and over, your account can even be temporarily blocked. However it will be ready to use for a few hours later again. If you couldn’t succeed to register an account again, you will need to contact to WeChat staff. We have already provide the solution for our followers on How to Chat Online before.

Verification Code Not Received When Signing Up


I am trying to receive a verification code on my phone but no luck… Country code is OK , mobile number is OK and security turned off to receive sms but still not code… Any suggestions?


Unfortunately this is one of the most common issues with WeChat. Since this is an account issue, you will need to contact to WeChat directly. Sometimes reinstalling the app is working but not always.

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