If you are facing with an error after update on Wechat, there are two ways to get rid of these problems. However if you are still getting errors, we recommend you to contact WeChat support and report the error. We have already told you how to contact to support and how to report an error on for this app. Let’s tell you how to fix WeChat error after an update. Actually it’s very simple and it won’t take your time.

Clear Cache and Data for Fix WeChat Error After Update

Clearing caches and data is the basic way to get rid of problems. You can do that easily in your Android device. You can click here about getting information how to clear application caches and data from your Android device. If this didn’t fix that your problem, please take a look at next step below.

Uninstall Recent Updates

You can click here to get information on how to uninstall recent updates from your device. That will fix your problem but we should remind you that, you are going to use older versions of WeChat. If this step didn’t fix your problem with application, please take a look at our next step.

Reinstall WeChat

Reinstalling WeChat sometimes help you to resolve problems with the app. If you would like to resolve problems with your application, you can try this way. You can learn how to reinstall WeChat by click here.

Need Support?

You couldn't resolve the problem or error? You can feel free to ask us.

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