Sometimes WeChat users are getting this error while they are trying to install or reinstall to application to their Android, iOS and Windows mobile phone. There are a few ways to fix ¬†this problem and it won’t take your too much time to do it. It’s very simple. However it’s important if you have rooted phone or not. If you have rooted phone you should follow these steps:

Solution 1 for Rooted Phones

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1-) You will need a file manager application. You can easily find these apps if you ever search them on App Store or Google Play. Install a high rated app and run it.

2-) After you run the app, take a look at file storage directory and browse it. It’s android/date for Android phones.

3-) Delete the folder you try to install the app.

4-) Restart your phone and try install it again.

Solution 2 For Not Rooted Phones

1-) Go to application of your OS store on your phone.

2-) Clear all your datas from the application and remove your account. You can also clean the cache. If you don’t want to do it manually, you can also install an app for clearing caches and datas.

3-) Restart your phone.

4-) Try reinstall the application.

Solution 3 for Not Rooted Phones

1-) Install an application for clear datas and caches. There are many programs for that.

2-) Uninstall WeChat from your phone.

3-) Use the app for clear your caches and datas.

4-) Reinstall the app

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