Green Screen problem on Wechat is a common issue with the application at the moment. It is generally occurs on Samsung Galaxy Android devices. If you would like to fix this error, you will find some solutions on here. However we recommend you to contact WeChat for reporting error first. Since it can be a technical problem, you will able to get more effective solutions. While you are waiting for response of WeChat Team. You can do these steps on your device. Generally iOS users doesn’t get green screen problem.

How to Resolve Green Screen Problem at WeChat Video Call

If you have installed the application from unofficial resources, we recommend you to download the WeChat from Google Play. If you already download the application from official website of WeChat or Google Play, you will need to try a few steps to resolve this problem.

First step:

  • Go to Application Manager.
  • Select WeChat from from the list.
  • Clear cache and data from WeChat and restart your device. Run WeChat again.

Second Step

If the first step didn’t work for you, you will need to uninstall your application from your device and reinstall it. You will need to read our reinstall guideline since you will need to be careful about that. In related page, you will also find steps about how to reinstall the app.

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