Facebook Messenger Stopped Working After Recent Update on Android

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used applications of the world for Android devices. However people may get some errors with the applications at times because of new updates, file corruption, etc. We are going to give you a few solutions on here if your messenger stopped working on your Android devices. We hope that they are going to work for you. Otherwise in such problems, you need to wait until next update. You can still write to support of application but generally developers are fixing errors at next update of the application. However After March, FB Messenger has stopped to work at some phones.

Let’s see how can you fix this problem without any code or tech knowledge…

Facebook Messenger No Longer Works After the Update

If your messenger doesn’t work after the recent update, you can do the following steps:

1-) Reinstalling application is another good way to resolve this problem. This is the common way to fix problems on applications. Remove application from your phone. Please ensure that there is not any file remained at your directory about Facebook Messenger and then go to Google Play and reinstall the app.

2-) Try contact FB Messenger staff. Click here to go to Facebook Messenger support to resolve the issue.

3-) You can try upload older version of Facebook messenger if you know any reliable resource. However older version applications doesn’t work at some phones at times. So that can be a problem for you. The another thing about these older version applications that they can be very dangerous for your devices. Your phone can be get hacked or it can get virus or malware files. It is not a recommended way to resolve this issue but if you want to use the application badly, you can give a try this.

If Messenger asks for update over and over, you can see our solution for this in our tutorials.

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