Facebook Messenger is Slow and Laggy, How to Fix It?

Facebook Messenger can get slower and laggy for several reasons. We are going to tell you some reasons of that on this page for you and we are going to provide some solutions. We hope that it is going to work for you. However there are also some reasons that you cannot fix at all. Such as old kind of phones with older Android or iOS versions. There is nothing to do against this. When developers add more features to their applications, the applications requires more performance from your phones.

Minimum system requirements (which is written in application stores) for an application doesn’t generally make sense. If you think that your messenger started to get slower and becoming laggy after some updates, it means you need a better phone to use Facebook Messenger anymore. Alternatively you can use older version of Messenger. Let’s tell you some other reasons and tell you how to fix it.

Facebook Messenger is Slow on iOS or Android, How to Fix it

There are some good ways to fix that problem. We will tell you some solutions for you below:

Applications Which Are Working at Background

If there are some tools or some applications which are working background of your mobile device, many things will get slower for you. One of these will be Facebook Messenger for sure. It is a large application with many features. If you can do it with manually, you will need to stop all stuff which are working at the background of your device. If you cannot do it, you can do it via application. Clean Master can be a good option for this.

Corrupted Files & Reinstalling Facebook Messenger

Corrupted files sometimes causing an application to be broken or working slow. This issue can be happened while you are downloading the app to your phone or some other reasons. You will need to reinstall Messenger, if you have a problem like this if you are having similar problems in your application.

If the problem still goes on, you will need to contact support of Facebook Messenger or you will need to leave a review to App Store or Google Play.

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