Since we got a few requests about how to fix Facebook Messenger Error 24 on Android, we are going to give you a few solutions for resolve this problem. This is a common error for Android at the moment and it’s very easy to fix that error, if you really know how to use your phone. The error generally occurs after you uninstall Facebook Messenger and then reinstall it. Let’s mention about solutions, you can review our solutions with clicking on the button which you will see at the end of page. You can also ask help for another errors on Facebook Messenger. This problem is generally related with Android. You will hardly face with this error on other operating systems.

Solution 1-)

Go to Random Chat

Facebook Messenger Error 24 is a common problem and solution is common too. You need to clear data on your phone to fix this problem. You should go to your application manager and clear all data about Facebook Messenger and then reinstall the application from Google Store.

Solution 2-)

Go to your file manager or download one from Google Play. Run the file manager app and find out which file you have installed to Facebook Messenger. Remove all datas and file from your phone and restart your mobile. Go to Google Play or App Store and download and install application.

You are done! Now you can use Facebook Messenger again.

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