Facebook Messenger Day is a new feature of the FB Messenger which has been released recent months. However this feature doesn’t work at times at some phones. We are going to tell you how to fix this feature of the messenger on this page for you. We hope that, that will be helpful for you and you will able to get rid of the problem. If you don’t able to fix this problem with the ways we provide for you on this page, we recommend you to contact Facebook Messenger Support or we recommend you to write a review on the application’s page on Google Play.

Messenger Day Doesn’t Work, How to Fix?

These are some ways to fix Messenger day problem. You can follow these steps and try get rid of this error.

Check Notifications and Location Services

Firstly you will need to check if your notifications on in the application. Tap your profile picture on FB Messenger. You will find your profile picture at the top right of the screen. You will see an option as “Notifications & Sounds” there. Please tap on this option and check if your notifications on. If it is not, please enable it.

You will need to use location services to use Messenger Day too. Please check if it’s enabled or not. If you don’t know how to check it please do the following:

Go to settings of your phone and tap location. You will see the “Location Services” there. If you haven’t enabled it, please enable it.

If you are using older version of Android, you need to do following steps for Location Services.

Tap on settings and then select apps. You will see a settings button there, click on that and tap on App Permissions. You will see a “Location” section there, tap on that. Enable it for Facebook Messenger.

Switching Accounts on Facebook Messenger

This is an interesting way to resolve this issue really and many people don’t know about that. Sometimes switching accounts help you to get rid of working problem of this application. If you don’t have any other account, you can ask your parents or very close parents to sign in to their accounts and then log out. Once you enter to your application again, it is possible that it will work for you.

Reinstalling Application

Reinstalling the application is one of the best ways for get rid of corrupted and broken files. All you need to do is uninstalling to app and then install it from Google Play.

Install Older Version of Application

If older version of Facebook Messenger was working correctly on your phone and if you were able to use Messenger Day, you can try install the older version of the app. However this can bring some problems to you. If you don’t download the messenger from a clean resource, you can even get hacked.

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